14. April 2014

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How ObamaCare will Affect Physician Assistants

Also known as the Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare is the latest US law to reform the American health care system. Through it, President Barack Obama aims at providing citizens with affordable health insurance while enhancing the quality of health care and reducing the industry’s expenses. With so many changes underway, students and future physician assistants […]

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4. April 2014

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Physician Assistant Programs in California: Which PA School is Best for You?

If you have a passion for saving lives and would like to be paid handsomely as well, becoming a physician assistant should be your goal. Not only do you enjoy doctors’ perks, but you get to enjoy some level of freedom and a thriving career for years to come. If this tempts you to join […]

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2. April 2014


Physician Assistant Programs In Georgia: A Closer Look At These PA Schools

According to 2013 reports from the Bureau of Labor statics, Georgia is home to over 2,000 physician assistants. In addition to an average salary of $93,660 per year, the expected growth up till 2020 is considered an incentive for Pre- medical students or those from other fields who wish to study this program. If you […]

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13. March 2014


Physician Assistant School Success | The Power Of Belief

In the video below my son and I share with you how much we believe in the Power Of Belief. He’s only 7 years old and he gets it! If going to Physician Assistant School is REALLY your dream, then you HAVE to believe in you at all times. Watch the video now: What did […]

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6. March 2014


PA School | Is 2014 YOUR Year?

Future PA, In this short video below I ask you a VERY important question. I want to know whether or not you are finally ready to get into Physician Assistant School? If so, I want to see your ACTIONS speak louder than your WORDS! (PLEASE EXCUSE THE CRAZY EXPRESSION ON MY FACE. LOL ) Check […]

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22. February 2014


Physician Assistant School Interview Questions

Future PA, In the video below I discuss and provide some Physician Assistant School Interview Question information that will benefit you greatly. Check it out: Hope that helps! If you need help with your PA school interview CLICK THIS LINK Helping you get into PA school, Dave “The PA Coach”

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13. October 2013


Does Your Physician Assistant School Essay Suck?

Check out this video to learn how to write a “Rocking” PA school essay. The Physician Assistant School Essay is very important to your quest to PA Land. Mess this up and say goodbye to gettin’ in the PA school of your dreams. Click this link—>>>Rocking PA School Essay to learn how to do this […]

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10. April 2013


Why You MUST Market Yourself To Get Into PA School

Future PA, In this video I share with you why you MUST market yourself the correct way to get into PA School. Check it out…. What did you think? Please share your comments below. Dave “The PA Coach”

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14. March 2013


What Is Your WHY? Why Go To PA School?

Future PA, In this video I ask you to look deep within and discover your “WHY”. See, when your why is big enough, the how doesn’t matter. The HOW just seems to take care of itself. Enough rambling……watch the video below: Please share with us YOUR why below… Dave http://www.PhysicianAssistantSchoolInterview.com http://www.HowWeGotInPAschool.com

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14. February 2013


Motivation: Get Into PA School

Watch the Kid President and see how motivated you can become today! He had me pumped up and ready to tackle the world. If being a Physician Assistant is what you want to do, then check it out! Way to go Kid Prez!!! I love it. Helping you get into PA School, Dave “The PA […]

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